Support your business with ESSENS ELITE PACK. Attract the attention of your network members, become an example, your vision and journey will be duplicated, your successes will be multiplied and you will grow.

 80 of the most popular ESSENS products  50% discount compared to the purchase at the regular distributor price! • Points value: 400 points • Marketing level badge 6%


There´s 100 points ESSENS BASIC PACK with a 30% discount and 200 points ESSENS BUSINESS PACK with a 40% discount!

In second step of your purchase order, you will be able to select the language mutation or combination of your chosen catalogue sets.


Starter Kit ESSENS Europe

Perfume women w157 50 ml

Perfumed Shower Gel w157 200 m

l Perfumed Body Balm w157 200 ml

Perfume men m008 50 ml

Perfumed Shower Gel m008 200 ml

Women's Unique perfume Nr.6

Women's Unique Nr.6 - luxury shower gel

Men's Unique perfume Nr.9

Men's Unique Nr.9 - luxury shower gel

ALOE VERA products:

Aloe Vera gel drink - grape

Aloe Vera gel drink - Apple & Acai

Aloe Vera Shampoo for all hair type 200 ml

Aloe Vera Conditioner for all hair type 200 ml

Aloe Vera Shaving foam

Aloe Vera After shave balm

Aloe Vera Hand Lotion

Aloe Vera Cleansing Gel with antibacterial additive

Aloe Vera Toothpaste with active Charcoal

Aloe Vera Toothpaste 

 Aloe Vera Mouthwash

Aloe Vera Soft Spray

Aloe Vera + Boswellia 60 capsules

Aloe Vera + Q10 60 capsules

Aloe Vera Deo Stick

Aloe Vera concentrate with herbal extracts 100ml

Toothbrush Ultra Soft White-Green 

Toothbrush Extra Soft Green/White

Toothbrush Ultra Soft Grey/Black

Toothbrush Extra Soft Black/Grey

COLOSTRUM products:

Colostrum 60 capsules

Colostrum + Vitamin D 60 capsules

Colostrum + Curcumin 60 capsules

Colostrum Shower Gel colostrum 200 ml

Colostrum Nourishing Cream Colostrum 200 ml

Colostrum Probiotics 6 pcs.

Colostrum+ Moisturizing Day Cream

Colostrum+ Anti Aging Night Cream Colostrum+ 50 ml

Colostrum+8 pcs samples

Anti Aging Lifting Serum 30 ml

Anti Aging Eye Gel 30 ml

Anti Aging Face Mild Soap 150 ml


Yogurt maker

Foot Cream Cocoa Butter & Boswellia

Hand Cream VANILA 100 ml

Food suplements: 

Slim'SS 60 tablets

Flow'EN 30 tablets

Vitamin C 60 tablets

ES'Leep 30 tablets Hard'EN 30 tablets

Nutriessens Lift Up Weekly package

Nutriessens Chill Out Weekly package

Nutriessens Colagen Weekly package

HOME CLEAN products:

Multi-purpose Cleaner

Bathroom Cleaner

Glass Cleaner

Kitchen Cleaner

Home Clean Spray Bottle


4 elements Red Fire sample

4 elements Blue Water sample

4 elements Green Earth sample

4 elements Purple Air sample

Niche perfume Brown Graphite sample

Niche perfume Royal Blue sample

Niche perfume Divine Green sample

Niche perfume Silver Orange sample

Niche perfume Noble Gray sample

Sample women's Unique perfume Nr. 2

Sample men's Unique perfume Nr. 3

Sample men's Unique perfume Nr. 4

Sample women's Unique perfume Nr.5

Sample women's Unique perfume Nr.6

Sample women's Unique perfume Nr.7

Sample men's Unique perfume Nr.8

Sample men's Unique perfume Nr.9

ESSENS Home Clean Bag Trolley


3x Set of catalogues 2022

3 x Business presentation

3 x Marketing plan

Marketing badge 6%


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